The Go! Team - 'The Scene Between'


It is refreshing to hear a new Go! Team album and realise that after all this time, they have barely changed a bit. After four years since the release of their third studio album 'Rolling Blackouts', their latest full-length still has that same explosive energy and distorted production of all their previous work. But while the sound hasn't changed, it does seem like this time around, they are lacking in the abstract songwriting and party-loving ferocity which made their debut album such an instant classic.

While they obviously have a very distinctive sound, 'The Scene Between' just doesn't have that instant rapport and likeable nature of 'Rolling Blackouts' or anything before. It does have its highlights like 'What D'You Say' and title-track 'The Scene Between', but much of the record seems to just be filler and has real trouble standing up and being heard. It plays like a collection of b-sides from their previous albums and never really looks to challenge itself in any way.

While The Go! Team have always been a Marmite band, this new release puts them in much more of a negative light and doesn't live up to the expectations their fans would have liked. So-so at best and not worth the four year wait.

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