Greg Bounce - 'Brain Movies'


When Lisbon-based artist Greg Bounce released his breakthrough debut EP 'Frango Magic' in 2022, it was greeted as one of the more illuminating releases of that year. Since then, the frontman has been steadily building his repertoire full of bright and shimmering delights, all leading towards his eagerly-awaited debut album 'Brain Movies', a record that cements him as one of the more dazzling names doing the rounds right now.

Opening up with the breathtaking focus single 'Because Of You', this new ten-track collection aims to heighten his already immersive direction and explore a multitude of varied aesthetics as often as possible. Featuring a heady mix of previous releases, 'Brain Movies' is more than just a snapshot of his catalogue over the last few months. It builds and swells with this euphoric majesty from beginning to end. With his rich and passionate vocals spread across a sweeping production throughout, he continues to expand that explorative guise that earned him so much praise and acclaim in the first place.

While fans of his work will be familiar with much of this new offering, 'Brain Movies' still manages to pack itself with plenty of surprises as it plays. Beaming with this technicolor appeal from start to finish, Greg Bounce feels more confident and assured then ever across this dynamic new offering.

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