Holy Family - 'Can't Dance, Won't Steal, Need Some Help'


While very little can be found online about indie outfit Holy Family, they are certainly a group that likes to let the music speak for itself. Their uncompromising debut album 'Can't Dance, Won't Steal, Need Some Help' is a glorious spectrum of danceable guitar music with just the right dose of melancholy to keep it from straying into the ever-condemded pop-rock category.

The album plays around with experimental electronics and percussion, allowing the band to give a unique identity to each one of their tracks, while managing to maintain a consistency of quality that shows they have a specific sound in mind, but don't worry about adjusting it to get their point across. It's this variety that keeps you listening on and drives up the anticipation after each song. While not all of it is a groundbreaking innovation, there is still enough on here to enjoy and lose yourself in their spellbinding efforts.

Holy Family may still be low on public profile but this debut album definitely speaks volumes about them. They've got the direction and purpose in place, and with a little more forthwith in their approach, they could become one of the country's favourite new bands.

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