Honeyblood - 'Honeyblood'


As this is now truly becoming the year of the two-piece, it is nice to hear another underground pairing of talented individuals looking to add their mark on this new minimal approach to music making. Glasgow's Honeyblood, made up of Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale and Shona McVicar, have taken the partnership approach to their music to a different level than most. While others are looking to sound like a full band, the girls embrace their modest style and use it to create captivating music that draws you in and holds your attention throughout.

Their self-titled debut album takes a clear influence from the US indie music scene, likened to Best Coast and Sonic Youth, but with that modest British charm that makes their music such a joy. The opener 'Fall Forever' gives an apt representation of what this record is all about, starting with a fast paced riff before unleashing a scuzzy distortion of drums and guitar that fire the record forward with such momentum that it never stops.

While their sound may still be in its infancy, they have managed to create a solid foundation with this album that will hopefully see them well when they go on to create more new music. But for now, let's just enjoy these moments of summer guitar pop with them.

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