Hot Chip - 'Freakout/Release'


Ever since the release of their breakthrough 2006 sophomore LP 'The Warning', Hot Chip have stood as one of the more inventive names on the UK"s synth-pop scene. With each new offering, the group have managed to deliver a fair share of impactful cuts that have seen them weather some pretty turbulent times in their nearly two decade career thus far. And with all five members still together, albeit regularly branching off into different projects, they have now come together once again for their eighth studio album 'Freakout/Release', a record that sees them continue to evolve.

What has been most refreshing about Hot Chip over the years is just how little they have needed to adapt their sound in order to remain contemporary. They have harnessed this evergreen aesthetic that always manages to turn out something warm and inviting, and 'Freakout/Release' is no different there. Continuing their smooth and entrancing approach to their distinctive sound, this new collection adds another vibrant layer of sweet and enjoyable gems to their growing catalogue, and makes for captivating listening for even their most fair-weather fans.

While there are the odd moments that sometimes jar amongst their glossy textures, 'Freakout/Release' is another solid effort from a group that very rarely have a bad day. Forever looking to push the envelope in what came before, Hot Chip have offered up yet another light and vibrant dose of diverse energy throughout.

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