Hot Hot Heat - 'Hot Hot Heat'


While most may remember Hot Hot Heat from their heyday, 2002 to be specific, I think its fair to say that they never really reached that level of popularity again. After a string of under-performing releases, the band have now returned after six years away to deliver their fifth and final album. When this record was announced, the fact it would be their last was heavily implied and as a result, every song sounds like a curtain call on their career.

It has been so long since I last listened to this band, I genuinely had to go back to what they were in order to compare their sounds. And although the bulk of their direction remains on this release, that overarching sense that this is the end for them does put a damper on their general perkiness. While there is no issue with their more depressing direction, the blinking synths and chirping guitars do add this strange juxtaposition in the sound, like they honestly don't want it to end.

The album itself is still incredibly medicare nonetheless. The clear lack of passion in the music is evident, like they checked themselves out years ago and are trying to drag one more nugget of gold out before they go. That isn't the case here, but in all, I think I'll be sad to see them go.

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