The short but impactful legacy of IDLES has certainly been a diverse one to say the least. After the rousing response to their much-loved debut 'Brutalism' in 2017, they followed it up with 'Joy As An Act Of Resistance' the next year, a release that brought them out of the sidelines to become one of the UK's most beloved new acts. And with both 'Ultra Mono' and 'CRAWLER' displaying some of the band's more experimental ideas in the year since, they look to rekindle those earlier years on 'TANGK', a record that sees them in their most renewed state yet.

While 2021's 'CRAWLER' was arguably their biggest offering to date, earning them their first Grammy nomination stateside, 'TANGK' seems to focus on a more digestible and appealing side to their sound. With the venom and intensity remaining a constant threat throughout this new LP, it is largely wrapped up in a veil of more accessible textures and pursuits, showing that while they may still want to hang onto their underground roots, they have also understood their place on the mainstream circuit these days.

'TANGK' is certainly a strong move forward since their last pieces of material, becoming less outlandish and more refined within themselves. It shows that these guys are maturing at an extremely fast rate, and will no doubt continue to shine as one of the country's more impressive exports in the years to come as well.

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