Imelda Gabs releases debut album 'Synopsis'

After establishing herself with a wealth of broad and shimmering gems these last few years, Swiss artist Imelda Gabs has now returned to release her long-awaited debut album 'Synopsis'.

Capturing more of that rich and riveting dark-pop aesthetic she has been developing for herself since she first emerged, 'Synopsis' makes for an incredibly broad and inventive listen. With her bold and euphoric vocal performance layered across a warm and dynamic production from start to finish, she is certainly cementing herself as one of the more captivating names emerging right now.

While these last few years have certainly seen her cultivate a fresh and alluring direction, 'Synopsis' sees her build upon that initial ideal with flair and finesse. With such a strong and mesmerising approach to her songwriting and production throughout, she is definitely one to keep a firm eye on for the months ahead.

Have a listen to 'Synopsis' in the player below.