Incremona - 'Luvabyes'


While originally making her initial impact back in 2020 with her much-loved Lately Lui collaboration 'London Looks Like LA', London-based singer-songwriter Incremona has been largely missing from the new music scene in recent years. Offering up a handful of other collabs in previous years, her tenure has been a sparse but still an immersive one to enjoy. And after almost three years since we last heard from her, she makes her long-awaited return to release her shimmering debut EP 'Luvabyes', a release that heightens what she first emerged with.

Adopting a soft and airy disposition for her latest outing, 'Luvabyes' is a beautifully warm and calming listen, brimming with rich and heartfelt textures throughout. Honing a sweet and tender acoustic-led production for her eagerly-awaited return, her soaring vocal performance remains the heart and soul of this new collection. Brimming with emotive prowess at every turn, Incremona rekindles the passionate ideals of her infancy and delivers a truly spellbinding array of delights here.

While it has been quite some time since we last heard from her, it is clear that she has been spending her time away to craft some truly wondrous offerings. With so much allure and encapsulating energy spread across this new EP, Incremona reestablishes herself as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now.

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