Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders - 'The Twilight Zone'


Over the last few years, Glasgow-based outfit Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders have always looked for new and innovative ideas in which to pursue. With a sound that tends to blend a heady mix of prog-rock, soul, and psychedelica all wrapped up in a woozy demeanour, their output to date has been a wild and adventurous journey to say the least. And after a number of high-profile efforts under their belt, they now look to cement their vibrant legacy to date with the release of their shimmering debut EP 'The Twilight Zone', a release brimming with wondrous textures throughout.

While their material to date has always looked to venture towards a more cohesive direction, this new five-track collection makes for an extremely varied and eclectic listen. Adopting more of that inventive spirit they have shown over the last few years, 'The Twilight Zone' seems to act as a blueprint of where they plan to take their sound next. Freewheeling this rich and kaleidoscopic tone from start to finish, they are very much in the midst of some of their most alluring work to date.

While this new EP has certainly been a work in progress for many years, hearing 'The Twilight Zone' in its entirety perfectly highlights what they are looking to achieve as a group. Fresh and exciting throughout, Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders are certainly ones to keep a firm eye on for the months ahead.

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