Jessie Ware - 'Tough Love'


It has been one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year, but after a huge number of previews and assumed collaborations, Jessie Ware finally released her follow-up to the stunning 2012 debut 'Devolution'. Her latest release 'Tough Love' features a huge list of guests including Ed Sheeran, Julio Bashmore, Dev Hynes, James Ford and many more who have helped build this record and helped Ware deliver the best album she possibly could.

While 'Devolution' gave her the platform to showcase her talent, 'Tough Love' is the catalogue that really shows what she is capable of. It moves with this effortless groove that swells and depresses in equal measure, delivering a fantastic return for the singer that charms and touches the soul on every track. Jessie's incredible voice may be what gels this record together but the diversity on its production is the key to keeping the album interesting and keeps the pace of it ever moving forward.

It is certainly an incredible return for this vocalist, who has shown that there is always an avenue to develop and improve on any previous material. 'Tough Love' is now her staple release and will no doubt be on the 'best of' lists by the end of the year.

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