Joey data - 'California Rocket Fuel'


Over these last few years, LA-based artist Joey data has been quick to establish himself as one of the more progressive name on the new music scene. Capturing a wonderfully warm and passionate aesthetic with a string of impactful delights these last few years, he has always looked to explore a more atmospheric appeal than most. And with almost two years passed since his last piece of new material, he now returns with his mesmerising new EP 'California Rocket Fuel', a release that breathes life into his already immersive direction.

Despite only two tracks long, 'California Rocket Fuel' has this incredibly absorbing aura to it. With the initial opener 'Part One' acting a prologue to the EP's euphoric title-track, this new collection sees him build upon those initial foundations and return with one of his most enthralling efforts yet. Continuing that fresh and innovative indie-rock direction that originally became his calling card throughout his infancy, he sweeps and soars across this dynamic new delight, filled with emotive energy at every step of the way.

It may only be a short reintroduction for him, but Joey data is returning with confidence and exuberance here. Dazzling from start to finish, 'California Rocket Fuel' marks the next vital step within his musical evolution so far.

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