Kacey Musgraves - 'Deeper Well'


Over these last few years, US singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves has slowing been shedding her country roots for something a little more mainstream. But while many of her contemporaries have seen great success in the commercial world, Musgraves looks to continue a slightly left-of-field appeal, creating a direction that is undoubtably pop but still holding onto an alternative edge throughout. This is exactly what we get to hear as she delivers her eagerly-awaited sixth studio album 'Deeper Well', a record that looks to skirt the line between these two ideals.

While her country ambitions certainly helped her break through onto the international stage, they do feel a little more sparse on 'Deeper Well'. Throwing in the odd stripped-back swoon from time to time, the release is largely preoccupied with developing something more ambitious as it plays. Offering up a wide range of beautifully sweet and tender odes to match her immaculate vocal performance, she is presenting herself as a more chameleonic character than ever before. Pursing a world of new aesthetics that broaden her creative wings from start to finish.

It certainly is a welcome return from one of the country's more immersive songwriters, if not a little lacking in a cohesive direction in which to get wrapped up in. 'Deeper Well' is a strong and confident return that sees Musgraves explore a variety of concepts, largely sticking the landing as well.

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