Kindness - 'Otherness'


When singer Adam Bainbridge aka Kindness first broke on to the scene with his debut album 'World, You Need A Change Of Mind' back in 2012, he was unfairly lumped in with all the other ethereal artists that were emerging at the same time. But at a closer look, it was clear that Bainbridge's style was far more varied than it appeared on the surface. And with his latest effort, he has gone the extra mile to add a wide range of styles and influences to his new album that has helped bring a whole to side to this artist's sound.

From the singles we have heard from 'Otherness' so far, it would seem that he has begun to indulge himself in the 80s RnB sound, permeated by Luther Vandross and Whitney Huston, but on listening to the whole album, he has managed to sneak a few more influences in there too. The album hops around from genre to genre, combining a mixture of hip hop, house and jazz that not only gives this album a multi-directional feel but also keeps itself reigned in by not being too experimental or leftfield.

It seems that the genres he is inspired by are simply superficial as soul and passion are the central focus of this record, giving the album a warming sound throughout that fills your body with effortless gratitude. It is certainly one of the best albums of the year so far and will no doubt be considered a masterpiece of his career.

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