Laville - 'The Wanderer'


Since becoming the first male solo artist to be signed to the illustrious Acid Jazz Records since Jamiroquai, the hype surrounding Laville was at fever pitch from the very start. After delivering a bold and intriguing debut EP 'ThirtyOne' back in March of this year, the frontman showcased his talent for smooth and sensual songwriting, all smothered in his rich and soulful voice. And now after only a few months away, he has returned to deliver his eagerly-awaited debut album 'The Wanderer', a release that looks to cement him as one of this country's most euphoric neo-soul acts.

While artists like Gregory Porter and Leon Bridges have looked to place America as the forefront of the revived soul movement across the globe, London's Laville makes an incredibly impactful contribution to the scene with his debut full-length. From the very start, this new collection weeps and swings with classic soul influences, but still manages to create a vibe that seems unique to the frontman. With its spacious and laid-back production, 'The Wanderer' delivers one crooning slice of sultry seduction after another, giving us an delightfully warm and inviting release in the process.

The neo-soul environment may not have the same gusto behind it these days, but with acts like Lavillle running up the ranks, it certainly is a sound that oozes quality wherever its heard. 'The Wanderer' is a strong and engaging debut from an artist that is more than keen to show exactly what he can do.

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