Lee Cole delivers new single 'Cold'

Following on from a string of enticing releases this past year, emerging artist Lee Cole now delivers his stunning new single 'Cold'.

Arriving in the wake of his previously shared efforts ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’, ‘Pink Dragons’, ‘Honey, Let Me In’ and ‘Emotional’, 'Cold' sees him return in stellar form. With his sharp and distinctive vocal style riding a bed of sweeping piano chords, this new release marks an extremely pivotal moment in his career to date.

Speaking about the new offering, he said, “The production of the single started off with the idea of creating something very ghastly and haunting. As I produced the song, I slowly began to play with the idea of creating one big resolution within the song and I thought a string section could best bring that to life. The end string section has 12 different string parts all coming together in the end creating that resolution while still keeping the song haunting and ghastly.”

Adding, “‘Cold’ was a song I wrote while in the USA in 2019. I was there for 3 months and was at quite a low in my life. ‘Cold’ represents change to me. It’s about admitting that maybe you don’t know how to love and that the person you’re trying to love is better off without you. Its bittersweet because on one hand you don’t want to feel lonely; you crave that companionship, but on the other hand you keep hurting the people closest to you because you’re scared to love.”

Lee Cole is also set to release his eagerly-awaited debut EP very soon. Watch the new video for 'Cold' in the player below.