Living Pictures release debut album 'Crossing The Bridge'

After establishing themselves with a wealth of enigmatic delights this past year, Portland-based duo Living Pictures are now ready to cement their legacy to date with the release of their eagerly-awaited debut album 'Crossing The Bridge'.

Capturing more of that warm and effervescent aesthetic they have cultivated for themselves since they first emerged, 'Crossing The Bridge' makes for a wonderfully rich and dynamic listen. Filled with broad and dreamlike textures, a sweeping atmosphere, and some beautifully alluring compositions stretched throughout, they have delivered a truly spellbinding release here.

Speaking about the new collection, the band's Reif Larsen said, “The music that I started was music the way I wanted to make music, a small act of resistance against regimented creative office culture. I wrote them all for an audience of one, maybe a couple people. It was exciting collaborating with Andrew during the pandemic and putting these tracks together into a thoughtful journey. Releasing the album now for us also mirrors that pandemic experience a bit - emerging from isolation with raggedy confidence to just go for it.”

While bandmate Andrew Perreault added, “My preferred listening form will always still be an album. So when Reif began sharing individual tracks and stories with me around the beginning of the pandemic, it was a goal to try connect them all into a larger, cinematic journey. It’s been a thrill for both of us releasing singles and edits the last few months, but we are just grateful to get a full album out there. People should and will listen to music how they want. But we hope this more complete form resonates in some way.”

Although they only had a handful of offerings under their belt prior to this release, 'Crossing The Bridge' shows that they are brimming with fresh and exciting ideas from start to finish. With such a strong and confident approach to their sound, they are definitely ones to keep a firm eye on for the future.

Have a listen to 'Crossing The Bridge' in the player below.