Low Island - 'Life In Miniature'


Upon the release of their breakthrough debut LP 'If You Could Have It All Again' last year, Oxford's Low Island were greeted as one of the more adventurous and innovative names arriving on the scene. With a sound that many had compared to the likes of early Foals and Everything Everything, their initial outing was brimming with a fresh and progressive ideal that quickly established their legacy up until that point. But not being ones to waste time overthinking their follow-up, they have now returned with their highly-anticipated sophomore album 'Life In Miniature', a record that looks to broaden their musical horizons even more.

Throughout their latest offering, Low Island seem keen to keep the warm and atmospheric energy running as long as possible, as 'Life In Miniature' builds upon their debut release with style and aplomb. Being an independent outfit in today's music culture has never been an easy task, but with the quality and effortlessness of their songwriting, they are shining just as bright as they always have throughout their newest collection. Brimming with an even more diverse appeal than before, they are continuing their rise as one of the more enticing names around today.

While it doesn't have quite the same instant bite as their first full-length, 'Life In Miniature' is one of those releases that grows on you over time. Interspersed with the occasional radio-friendly ditty, much of this new album keeps the inventive drive running at full speed and delivers a solid listen from start to finish.

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