Low Lying Sun - 'Hymn To Say Goodbye'


Despite still very much in their infancy, Essex-based newcomers Low Lying Sun have already caught some very important ears. With their initial offerings finding support on BBC Introducing, a number of high-profile outlets have also begun singing their praises, making them one of the most talked about new acts of the year so far. And as they look to keep the momentum moving behind them, they now deliver their eagerly-awaited debut EP 'Hymn To Say Goodbye', a release that makes a bold initial impression from start to finish.

While honing their sound within the more euphoric and atmospheric tip of the indie-rock spectrum, 'Hymn To Say Goodbye' is a short but extremely sharp introduction to what they have to offer. Reminiscent of what Foals and The Horrors were creating in the peak of their popularity, Low Lying Sun have crafted an incredibly dense and absorbing collection here. Filled with glittering textures, powerful production, and some truly anthemic moments built for giant festival stages, it seems apparent that these guys are setting themselves up for something very special soon.

While this is only a small taste of their material to date, 'Hymn To Say Goodbye' is a captivating listen throughout. There is a strong fire of creativity running the length of this new EP, something that sets them apart from many of their contemporaries, and makes for an incredibly engaging listen.

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