Man With A Corduroy Heart - 'Things Are A Little Bit...'


Over the past year, Cambridge's Man With A Corduroy Heart has quickly established himself as one of the more dynamic names on the rise. In just a handful of single releases, he has showcased a wide variety of ideas and aesthetics, giving him this incredibly chameleonic direction that has been hard to pin down ever since. And with the buzz and momentum behind him still continuing to build, he returns with his eagerly-awaited debut album 'Things Are A Little Bit..', a record that looks to continue that adventurous spirit throughout.

While still very much adorned to that woozy indie-rock appeal he first arrived with, 'Things Are A Little Bit..' continues to broaden his innovative journey by blending a heady mix of other genres to compliment his heartfelt persona. Creating this wonderfully warm and intimate aura around his new material, one that looks keen to invite the listener in to his passionate lyrical flow, he comes across so incredibly casual with everything he does here. Lilting with a seductive presence amongst this glittering array of humbled offerings, he continues to shine as a truly alluring name on the scene.

He may have only just begun his journey in the last few months, but Man With A Corduroy Heart is clearly a name bustling with plenty of inspired concepts in which to explore. Shining with this beautifully sweet and tender tone from start to finish, 'Things Are A Little Bit...' is one of those rare releases you need to listen back to twice to really absorb its tantalising vigour.

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