Maple Glider - 'I Get Into Trouble'


When Australian singer-songwriter Tori Zietsch released her debut LP 'To Enjoy Is The Only Thing' as Maple Glider in 2021, she was instantly greeted as one of the more heartfelt names emerging that year. While largely becoming a cult name on the scene, she has quickly formed a strong and solid fanbase for her sound, which largely sees her deliver wonderfully inventive compositions that still manage to maintain a conventional folk-pop attitude. And with the buzz around her still slowly building, she returns with her shimmering sophomore album 'I Get Into Trouble', a record that looks to build upon those positive foundations.

Much like what we got to hear on 'To Enjoy Is The Only Thing', her newest outing is another sweet and sweeping journey into her soul-infused aesthetic. Opting for a more diverse production this time around, regularly flipping back and forth between an acoustic guitar and piano-led textures, 'I Get Into Trouble' has this brilliantly transportive energy running through it. Composing some wondrous ideals that perfectly compliment her spellbinding vocals from start to finish, it feels like she is taking the next bold step within her musical evolution here.

Still very much embroiled within the traditional Maple Glider sound, 'I Get Into Trouble' overflows with fresh and adventurous pursuits throughout. She may not have the praise and attention she deserves right now, but this new full-length stakes quite the claim for much wider recognition in the years ahead.

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