Middle Kids - 'Faith Crisis Pt 1'


Throughout the last few years, Australia's Middle Kids have been quick to establish themselves as one of the more exciting names doing the rounds. After originally turning out a string of vibrant offerings independently during their infancy, their signing to EMI for their sophomore LP 'Today We're The Greatest' in 2021 saw them explode internationally, giving them their most high-profile release to date. And with the momentum still very much behind them, they now look to continue that trend with their third studio album 'Faith Crisis Pt 1', a record that builds upon their progressive nature to date.

While honing a far more commercially accepting sound this time around, 'Faith Crisis Pt 1' still manages to pack itself with plenty of warm and fascinating textures, layering up that dynamic aesthetic the trio have always pursued. Offering a heady mixture of shimmering radio-friendly gems with more introspective outings that add a sense of brevity to their already immersive ideals, this new collection sees them push the boundaries of their direction further than ever before.

Sitting somewhere between their familiar guise and a more adventurous approach to songwriting, 'Faith Crisis Pt 1' marks itself as one of Middle Kids' more eclectic efforts to date. Exploring new and interesting ideas as often as possible, they continue to shine across this captivating new full-length.

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