Miles Kane - 'One Man Band'


While originally making a name for himself as a member of The Rascal and The Last Shadow Puppets in the 2000s, Miles Kane has fully flourished as a solo artist these last few years. Maintaining a fresh and exuberant approach to the modern indie-rock sound across a diverse range of releases this past decade, he has quickly cemented himself as one of the more exciting names doing the rounds today. And now looks to highlight those solo ideals as he returns with his fifth full-length 'One Man Band', a record that puts his charisma and passion at the forefront.

While his material to date has always had this bright and energetic presence to it, 'One Man Band' comes roaring out the gates like nothing we have heard from him before. Usually one to hone in on the more subtle elements of his sound and songwriting, this new collection looks to pack itself with as many blistering hooks as possible, delivering one of his most impactful efforts to date. And although the heart he has shown on previous outings seems lesser here, it feels like he is looking for immediate attention throughout his newest release, knocking out his most stadium-ready record to date.

It has clearly been an interesting ride watching Miles Kane develop and explore new pursuits throughout his career to date, but 'One Man Band' shows that he is far from running out of enjoyable ideas. Keeping the vibes and energy high with this new album, he feels more confident and assured than ever before.

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