Napoleon Gold - 'Love Don't Cut Me Down' ft. Haiva Ru

Belgian producer aims for the same retro sound as Pale Waves with this pulsing electro-pop thumper

J.R. - 'Pal'

Canadian singer-songwriter brings the same alt-rock grooves as Snail Mail to her latest single

Clear - 'Somnium'

Australian frontwoman introduces herself with this warm and wistful dream-pop debut

Prader + Knecht - 'Don't Know How To'

Swiss duo take their cues from The Lumineers for this broad and uplifting folk-pop groove

Sorrel - 'Window Shades'

US outfit channel the sweeping sound of Fleet Foxes for this smooth and humble serenade

Cheekbone - 'Lena'

British outfit revive the 60s psych-rock sound for this groove-filled indie-rock belter

Keon Masters - 'Got 2 Luv It'

US frontman takes influence from Vampire Weekend for this light and upbeat indie-pop delight

Stevie Zita - 'Anastasia'

Canadian frontman returns with a smooth and euphoric dream-pop swoon, with hints of Echo And The Bunnymen

Sessue - 'Some Kind Of Madness'

US frontman previews his new EP with this jangled and laid-back alt-rock groove, with shades of Mac DeMarco

Husky Loops - 'I Think You're Wonderful'

London-based trio preview their debut album with this bold and vibrant alt-pop stomper

FERGUS - 'Not Enough'

London-based frontman previews his new EP with this bold and anthemic new belter

Laurent Bourque - 'Thinking Of You'

Canadian frontman previews his next album with this sweet and sweeping lo-fi jam, with nods to The War On Drugs

Ronald Raygun - 'Allergic'

British outfit bring the funk with this fun and fresh nod to the 70s disco era, with shades of Parliament

Bubbatrees - 'Alchemy'

Glaswegian outfit take influence from These New Puritans for this brooding post-punk release

Canary Gold - 'Hummingbird'

Glaswegian duo channel the pulsing sound of Fleet Foxes for this galloping indie-rock stunner

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