Phoebe Peek - 'Lunch'

British frontwoman keeps it light with this bright and uplifting bedroom-pop delight

L'Duo - 'California'

Kazakhstani outfit bring a bright and uplifting direction to their latest alt-pop gem

The Super Pumas - 'Dead Beat Path'

Scottish outfit take their cues from Manic Street Preachers with this soaring indie-rock jam

daste. - 'Either Way'

Australian outfit return with another smooth and enticing neo-soul groove, with hints of Jordan Rakei

IZZA - 'Lows'

Emerging frontwoman keeps it bright with this bold and vibrant pop stunner

Peppermint Heaven - 'Don't Go Chasing Me'

LA-based outfit return with another warm and uplifting slice of synth-pop

Lazy Queen - 'Last Call'

New York-based outfit channel the laid-back vibe of Courtney Barnett on this grunge-inspired stomper

Hedara - 'We're Not The Same'

British frontwoman returns with another fresh and uplifting alt-pop delight

Valley Maker - 'Mockingbird'

US singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful acoustic-led swoon, with shades of Bon Iver

Belle Roscoe - 'Soho Shoes'

Australian outfit bring the same bluesy grooves as The Black Keys to their latest psych-rock jam

Yukon Blonde - 'Good Times'

Canadian outfit keep it bouncing with this fresh and enticing psych-pop delight, with hints of Jungle

Dance The Misery - 'Pickup'

US frontman previews his debut EP with this bold and atmospheric indie-rock gem

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