Louie Vega ft. Josh Milan - 'The World Is A Family'

US soul outfit combine Cuban swing with jazz influences for this dancefloor ready hit

Maylee Todd - 'Downtown'

Canadian synth-pop vocalist channels some Chaka Khan for her romantic new release

Greenhouse - 'Vincent Van Slow'

Canadian lo-fi outfit bring a sense of brooding optimism to their latest cut

Summer Like The Season - 'Train Of Thought'

Detroit-based band bring a sense of soul to the trip-hop genre with nods to Bjork

Femke - 'Call This'

US frontwoman follows in the post-modern pop footsteps of Dua Lipa for this uplifting release

Soule - 'Forever'

US MC gets broody for his latest truth-telling release

George Glew - 'Home Love'

Bristol-based singer-songwriter gets anthemic for his latest pop-rock release

The Colours That Rise - 'Map To Cydonia'

UK outfit channel the sounds of Funkadelic for this cosmic and psychedelic hip-hop beat

The Rentals - 'Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad'

LA-based duo take on the pressures of wealth with their Flaming Lips-inspired cut

WhoMadeWho - 'I Don't Know'

Danish electro-pop outfit return with another forward-thinking and ethereal production

ADLT VDEO - 'Alive'

US dream-poppers merge the sounds of Lana Del Rey with Best Coast for this haunting new release

Madeleine Dopico - 'Wake Up'

US singer-songwriter channels the sombre tones of Lorde for this anthemic new single

Love Tapes - 'Baby'

US producer mixes contemporary hip-hop and soul for this fantastic beat

CARDS - 'Wonderful Life'

US singer-songwriter brings an impactful production to his latest croon

Bira - 'Fighting'

US frontman brings a commercial edge to the progressive singer-songwriter guise

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