Sam Johnson - 'Trip On Gold'

British frontman returns with this upbeat and toe-tapping indie-rock jam, with hints of The Coral

Sarpa Salpa - 'Before It Goes Dark'

Northampton-based outfit add a disco-inspired riff to their latest post-punk-inspired groove

Judy Blank - 'Mary Jane'

Dutch frontwoman takes her cues from the bluegrass with this light and breezy pop-rock gem

Home Creatures - 'A Healthy Way To Cope'

British outfit introduce themselves with this brooding and groove-filled indie-rock debut

JayWood - 'Moon Cats'

Canadian frontman blends the worlds of funk and psych-rock for this blissfully woozy new release

Big Gigantic - 'Friends' ft. Ashe

US production duo keep the summer vibes alive with this fresh and vibrant electro-pop bopper

Mangled Jangles - 'They Want Your Mind'

US outfit return with another bold and blissful psych-rock groove, with nods to Tame Impala

Jadyn Lamb - 'Water'

Canadian frontwoman delivers a bold and interesting slice of electro-pop, with shades of MØ

Laurent Bourque - 'Thinking Of You'

Canadian frontman takes influence from The War On Drugs with this bold and sensual alt-rock swoon

The Riptide Movement - 'Something Special'

Irish outfit unleash a energetic and frenzied indie-rock stomper, with hints of Arcade Fire

The Lovepools - 'White Lies & Palm Trees'

US outfit bring the same pulsing pop-rock sound as Foster The People to their latest thumper

Brad Stank - 'Watering The Garden'

British frontman follows in the footsteps of Mac DeMarco with this woozy new jam

Jungle Brown - 'Ikoja' ft. Eldé

British outfit preview their new album with this pulsing and groove-filled Disclosure-esque release

Headclouds - 'Marmalade'

British outfit keep the summer vibes going with this uplifting indie-pop gem, with nods to Blossoms

Danny Addison - 'Marigold'

Manchester-based singer-songwriter introduces himself with this light and airy acoustic-led serenade

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