BUHU - 'Yew'

US duo get blissful with this swooning and laid-back electro-pop vibe

Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus - 'Slime On The Beach'

Swiss outfit take their cues from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard on this stomping psych-rock banger

Dahlia Sleeps - 'Settle Down'

British outfit preview their next EP with this thunderous London Grammar-inspired anthem

Plastic Mermaids - '1996'

British outfit take their cues from Bad Sounds with this brass-filled psych-pop stomper

ANNALIA - 'Cycles'

US frontwoman unleashes some bold production with this euphoric electro-pop bop

Telemonster- 'Mad In The Night'

US outfit keep the vibes high on this delightfully tranquil indie-pop release

Cavern Company - 'Enough'

US outfit channel the upbeat nature of The 1975 with this stunning indie-pop romp

BHuman - 'Safe'

US duo follow in the footsteps of Mura Masa with this warped electro-pop swoon

Alex Di Leo - 'All My Life'

Florida-based frontman sereandes us with this uplifting and euphoric pop-rock thumper

Bay Rays - 'The Chamber'

British outfit return with another brilliantly upbeat indie-rock jam, with hints of Jack White

Spectoral - 'Movin' On'

Australian frontman takes his cues from The Weeknd with this progressive RnB stomper

Sonny Elliot - 'Misguided Angel'

British duo preview their new EP with this sweeping and soaring pop-rock serenade

NUUXS - 'Sweet Sunshine (Acoustic)'

British frontwoman strips back her latest single to reveal this inimate RnB croon

Allan Rayman - 'Rose'

Canadian frontman returns with another soaring hip-hop-inspired indie-rock thumper

Rituals Of Mine - 'No Time To Go Numb'

LA-based outfit take their cues from Massive Attack with this dark and brooding electronic jam

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