Amber Jay - 'Pencilled Brims'

British frontwoman takes her cues from Phoebe Bridgers with this brooding dark-pop stunner

Francis Moon - 'Here We Are Now'

Swedish frontman captivates us with this bright and soaring alt-pop delight

ROSA - 'Into The Sun'

Austrian outfit follow up their debut single with this glittering psych-pop stunner

Velvet Shakes - 'World'

Manchester-based outfit channel the early rave scene with this Happy Mondays-inspired groove

China Bamboo - 'Ambivalence (For You)'

Brighton-based outfit deliver a wonderfully smooth and uplifting slice of dream-pop

Lucky Idiot - 'Low Ceiling'

Australian outfit showcase their new EP with this warm and woozy new delight

Mandrake Handshake - 'Gonkulator'

British outfit channel the classic 60s psych-rock sound for this bright and blooming new release

Orava - 'Trapped'

French outfit take influence from Two Door Cinema Club with this fun and upbeat indie-pop jam

HAERTS - 'It's Too Late'

Brooklyn & Berlin-based duo deliver a wonderfully warm and uplifting psych-pop delight

ØZWALD - 'Ph Dean (a codependent love song)'

US outfit return with another bold and breezy slice of dreamy psych-pop

Total Brutal - 'Egypt'

US artist brings the same bold tones as Tame Impala to her latest psych-pop groove

The Lounge Society - 'Burn The Heather'

British outfit take their cues from Talking Heads with this fun and upbeat indie-pop delight

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