NONONO - 'We Are Only What We Feel'


Coming from a country that always seem to be ahead of the game on this sort of thing, Sweden's NONONO deliver a sun-kissed debut that expertly demonstrates how modern pop music can still sound fresh and engaging. While best known for their debut single 'Pumpin Blood', that seems to have been used on every television advert and uplifting montage going this year, the band are looking to show that they are more than just a one hit wonder as 'We Are Only What We Feel' aims to venture into a range of territories to give us a fuller idea of who they are as a group.

As an upbeat forward-thinking force of pop music, the timing of this album has been paramount to give it context. The majority of the record, including opener 'Jungle' and 'One Wish', is made for summer time listening. It's light-hearted approach to songwriting mixed with powerful production attract comparisons to Foster The People and Passion Pit and ultimately the album is looking to inject some sunshine into your life. However, despite its positive nature, their is still a lot of filler that prevents the album from being a concise piece of work and only goes to highlight how good the standout singles are.

But as a watery piece of background music to keep you company while you catch a few rays in the garden, it's perfect. The whole album gives off this incredibly likeable vibe but sometimes fails to deliver on those intentions.

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