Patrick Lawrence - 'Nostalgic For Now'


While originally introducing himself as Patrick Tunney on his debut EP 'Consolidation' back in 2008, it wasn't until last year in which Australian singer-songwriter Patrick Lawrence reemerged, making his long-awaited return to the scene. Turning out a wealth of warm and humbled outings in the months that followed, he is now looking to cement this era within his life with the lofty new EP 'Nostalgic For Now', a release brimming with sweet and immersive textures throughout.

Featuring some of the highlights of his prolific 2023, including 'Joy In The Journey', 'Half Life', and 'Toaster Song', this new six-track collection makes for a beautifully rich and illuminating listen. Harnessing more of that smooth yet adventurous aesthetic he has been busy cultivating this past year, 'Nostalgic For Now' is less of a catalogue of his recent material, and more of a proficient insight into his place as an emerging storytelling and songwriter.

Throughout 'Nostalgic For Now', he looks to highlight the diverse and eclectic nature within his direction. It may have arrived after an extended period of silence for him, but Patrick Lawrence is quickly establishing himself as a true innovator on the rise right now.

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