Peter Bjorn And John - 'Darker Days'


Times may have changed since their breakthrough hit 'Young Folks' back in 2006. Indie-pop doesn't have the same commercial standing it once did, but just like many hitmakers from that era, Swedish trio Peter Bjorn And John have continued their unrelenting journey in this maze of mainstream pop-rock to unveil their eighth studio album 'Darker Days', an record with far less of a morbid tone than its title would suggest.

While the lyrical content of 'Darker Days' may have more of a serious and purposeful angle, the spirit behind this release remains a spritely and enjoyable one. Kicking off with 'One For The Team', a jolly and uplifting introduction, it certainly gives us an idea of what we can expect on this new full-length. With its energetic pace and euphoric production, this new LP manages to lament plenty of the core sounds the band have been peddling for more than a decade, and have them reinvigorated for a more contemporary audience, giving them an evolved yet familiar sound throughout.

For a band that is now onto their eighth release of their career, it seems that Peter Bjorn And John are far from low on ideas. Feeling just as fresh and vibrant as they always have, this new release shows that while times may have changed, they needn't compromise their own direction in order to create an enjoyable collection.

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