Ride - 'Interplay'


Since their reemergence in 2017 with their brilliant comeback LP 'Weather Diaries', which marked their first piece of new material in 21 years, Ride have been quick to reestablish their place amongst today's more contemporary outfits. Blending their traditional mix of euphoric shoegaze energy with a more modern aesthetic, their tenure these last few years has been just as well-received as their original heyday in the 90s. And with the momentum still very much behind them, they return with their seventh studio album 'Interplay', a record that still builds upon their illustrious foundations.

Much like what their previous effort 'This Is Not A Safe Place' was trying to capture, 'Interplay' has this wonderfully dense approach to its production. Not too keen on overloading the textures with blistering guitar riffs, and instead embarking on a more atmospheric but still energetic guise, this new collection takes their traditional direction and delivers this brilliantly broad and immersive sound that pushes their uplifting nature to the forefront throughout.

While they were certainly not the only name from the original 90s scene to make a return in the last few years, Ride are certainly one that have revived something new and original to explore for their second lease of life. 'Interplay' is a strong and confident release that highlights some of their most spellbinding work to date.

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