Royel Otis - 'PRATTS & PAIN'


Over the last few years, Australian duo Royel Otis have been keen to establish themselves as one of the more refreshing names on the indie-pop circuit. While many of their contemporaries have relied on proven methods and familiar ideals, these two seem more excited by the prospect of creating something new but still extremely fun and catchy. And with solid success building behind their releases to date, they now look to cement their dynamic legacy with their eagerly-awaited debut album 'PRATTS & PAIN', a record brimming with bold and enjoyable ingenuity.

From the very start, 'PRATTS & PAIN' showcases itself as a warm and inviting new offering. Slipping very easily into the pair's rich and tranquil direction before finding bigger and more euphoric moments in which to explore as it plays, this initial full-length has all the same power and vigour as similar artists with many more years behind them. Keeping that adventurous spirit alive across these thirteen cuts, they are making the biggest statement of their career with this rampant new release.

Royel Otis may not be the household names they deserve to be at this point, but 'PRATTS & PAIN' shows that they have all the same passion and revelry as anyone else in their field. Broad and memorable throughout, they are definitely ones to keep a firm eye on for the years ahead as well.

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