SG Lewis - 'times'


Having been steadily releasing music as far back as 2015, producer SG Lewis never felt like the type that would ever release a studio album. As an act that was more focused on delivering a prolific stream of new material every few months, the idea of creating a collection that would halt his output for some time was always on the outside of our impression of him. But with nightclubs still closed because of the pandemic, it feels like now would be the only time for him to do this, and so delivers his debut album 'times', a record that looks to exhibit his smooth and laid-back direction outside of a dancefloor setting.

The main benefit of SG Lewis releasing an album is that unlike other big name producers on the scene, he is less about the rave and more about the groove, giving him a direction that lends itself more towards home-listening than most. But despite his more breezy aesthetic, he still seems keen to keep our feet moving as this new full-length looks to bring his years of experience within the realms of funk and disco-inspired cuts to create a fun and lively new release. While it does tend to follow a fairly monotonous formula from time to time, it still manages to deliver a broad and interesting sound that looks to captivate as much as it can.

It may be more about showing off the high-level clout he is able to bring to his music these days, with Nile Rodgers, Robyn, Rhye and many more joining him for this, but 'times' still stands as a solid collection within his catalogue to date. While we now expect it to be the first of many to come, it feels like SG Lewis is focusing more on a career outside of the nightlife and bringing his driven direction into everyday life instead.

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