Sia - '1000 Forms Of Fear'


In the last few years, we have seen Sia go from a modest vocalist with a cult following to one of the most in-demand voices in the world. Her contributions to David Guetta's 'Titanium' and Flo Rida's 'Wild Ones' made her an overnight success story and thus pushed all of her own solo work even further into the international market. Now the Aussie returns with her sixth studio effort '1000 Forms Of Fear' and continues to show exactly why the world's biggest producers are lining up to work with her.

Much like her previous releases to date, '1000 Forms Of Fear' is an eclectic pop release that let's Sia not only show off her incredible range but allows her to experiment with different sounds and styles. However since her last album 'We Are Born' in 2010, Sia has been fully immersed in the mainstream writing scene and as a result, this new album has looked for far more commercial appeal than the rest, producing a very watered down affair. While 'Chandelier' not only ticks all the boxes as an epic pop anthem and suitable first single, it does set the album up to fail as nothing else on the record really lives up to its dominating presence as it hits a zenith nothing else can compete with.

While it isn't without its highlights, as 'Hostage' is the closest sound to the original Sia you'll find and Diplo's production on 'Elastic Heart' does break up the monotony of the record, much of it is a forgettable release with very little to be excited for.

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