Sinkane - 'Mean Love'


As New York-based indie label DFA looks to bring us the most diverse and original music from the world over, they have once again outdone themselves with one of their lesser-heard signings. Producer and songwriter Sinkane has brought us one of the most unique albums of the year and has done so with such a wide range of influences. With a Sudanese origin, Sinkane now operates in the Big Apple and has managed to infuse his native sound with the styles of his new home, including jazz and funk, to create a body of work that transcends expectations and captivates throughout.

While only clocking in at just over 30 minutes running time, his latest album 'Mean Love' certainly fills the time well. By bringing together such a wide variety of influences, the producer is able to cherry-pick the most appropriate instrumentation for each song to give the record a diverse feel that ultimately stays reined in to its core sound. It is genuinely difficult to pin down exactly how this record sounds as there is simply very little to compare it to. Sinkane has managed to create an album of laid-back bliss that keeps your attention throughout and never gives you a moment to catch your breath.

He may still be working his way into the more mainstream sounds of his labelmates, but this new material sums up the sound of Sinkane perfectly. He seems to have tapped into a never-ending reservoir of musical possibilities and has arranged it in the most soothing and beautiful way.

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