Songs For Sabotage - 'CLEAN TRAUMA'


Ever since they first emerged, LA-based duo Songs For Sabotage have always looked to create a brighter and more infectious sound than those in their field. Exploring a diverse mix of electro-pop and dream-pop aesthetics, all with this vibrant pace and energy running throughout, their catalogue so far has been sprawling with an immersive array of uplifting delights in recent years. And after a thunderous run of releases since their breakthrough debut LP 'Night Of Joy' in 2020, they now kick off their new year with their eagerly-awaited sophomore album 'CLEAN TRAUMA', a record that looks to continue those effervescent intentions once again.

Featuring a flurry of previously shared gems including 'Killer', 'Pills' and 'Fortress', this new eight-track collection aims to cement the glittering aesthetic they have been developing these last few years. Coming together to create this brilliantly broad and vibrant snapshot into their progressive ideals at every turn, 'CLEAN TRAUMA' delivers a beautifully arranged breadth of tantalising offerings that still manages to push their sound ever forward from beginning to end.

While much of this new full-length had previously been unveiled throughout 2023, hearing it all under one roof really highlights the euphoric intensity the pair have been cultivating of late. Finding and exploring new ideas in which to develop as often as possible, Songs For Sabotage continue to cement themselves as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now.

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