Tanya Tagaq - 'Animism'


We may only be a few weeks into 2015 but it looks like we may have already found one of the most unique and interesting albums of the year. Canadian throat singer Tanya Tagaq has received cult acclaim in her home country for her ability to combine the native vocal sound of the Inuit culture with a whole host of different inspirations and influences, creating music that can't really be defined or pinned down to any particular genre. And with her fourth studio album 'Animism' about to drop, this new release seems to be breaking down every sense of expectation you may have.

While the album opens with her incredibly beautiful cover of the Pixies classic 'Caribou', it is only one of a few times we actually hear her sing (in the conventional sense) on the record. The rest is a multi-layered mixture of throat singing strewn over various atmospheric soundscapes or blistering break-beats. The name 'Animism' not just comes from the title of various tracks (Caribou, Rabbit, Howl) but the wild and untamed attitude that she has brought to this album. It occasionally spirals into an almost uncontrolled mess of instrumentation, making you feel uncomfortable and intrigued in equal measure.

It may be a little too far out for some but for those that are drawn to musicians like Bjork, Sigur Ros and any other irreverent sound, I would certainly recommend it. It breaks all the natural conventions of commercial music and still maintains a level of professionalism and interest throughout.

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