Tom Vek - 'Luck'


When Tom Vek's debut album 'We Have Sound' dropped in 2005, it was a benchmark for innovative and creative music. The idea that one man could be responsible for creating such a unique new direction seemed alien at the time and we all stood in awe of his abilities. He matched this anticipation with his heavily delayed follow-up 'Leisure Seizure' in 2011, where once again we saw him tinker with offbeat electronics and left-of-centre pop magic. But this new release from Vek seems to have been brushed under the carpet recently, and judging from it's initial listen, rightly so as the multi-instrumentalist fails to hit the mark on this latest full-length.

'Luck' seems to be Tom Vek's attempt at becoming a more commercial name but at the expense of his signature sound and attitude. While some of the record displays that original and distinct perspective we know him for, they are too many moments that fall flat and drag the album's energy to a halt. While the first single 'Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)' is a glowing example of what the producer is capable of, too much of the record, namely the aptly titled 'The Mistake' and 'Trying To Do Better', barely muster up any interest at all and try too hard at being a more mainstream ideology.

It's a real shame to see someone with the talent and consistency of Tom Vek fall short this time around. He has always proven himself a formidable lone wolf in the UK's music scene but coming across short of ideas this time may be the last we hear from him for a while.

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