Turbowolf - 'Two Hands'


When Bristolian rock outfit Turbowolf released their self-titled debut album back in 2011, it was an interesting and hard to understand release. Mixing the punk rock eccentricities of Pulled Apart By Horses and the sheer power of Death From Above 1979, the band's overall sound was something brilliant yet difficult to pin down. But now returning with their second full-length release, the group have managed to refine their sound into something far easier to digest.

Right from the start, 'Two Hands' is an explosion of pure punk rock fury with a solid and focused direction. While much of it still likes to play around with styles and influences, the album maintains a core structure of balls-to-the-wall fun that at times leaves them sounding like a reinvention of the 80s glam rock scene. The screeching vocals and high-paced rhythms give the record a bedrock sound that they then twist and turn into whatever style of music takes their fancy on each track.

It certainly is an album you won't be forgetting in hurry, and its enjoyable nature is probably what you'll be wanting to hear again and again. While its erratic behaviour may not be appreciated by some, its focus on the fun side of rock is what makes 'Two Hands' such a fantastic record.

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