Vince Staples - 'Summertime '06'


While acts like Kendrick Lamar have managed to keep hip-hop on top of its game so far this year, newcomer Vince Staples is looking to become one of the next big names in the evolving US scene. Having released numerous mixtapes over the last four years, 'Summertime '06' marks the first of his official album releases, and while it only features 10-tracks to its name, the feeling and content on this new record makes it a truly explosive journey.

Backed up by a exciting and diverse production, Staples takes aim on all the sides of modern American life and looks to expose it for all its worth. Sometimes coming from the view of a desensitised young black man who struggles to except his inevitable persecution, 'Summertime '06' talks about the various attitudes black men and women have over their place in American society. Acting as a voice for all people, the young MC manages to connect with an audience of any race and bring his perspective into context for all to understand.

It certainly a fantastically poignant work with all the hallmarks of a man twice his age. His mature presence on the record not only gives gravitas to his words, but leans him towards the view of a prophet rather than a rebel.

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