Violent Femmes - 'Hotel Last Resort'


As one of the most prominent folk-punk outfits of the 80s and 90s, Violent Femmes have found themselves in an unlikely resurgence these last few years. After originally giving up the ghost in the early 2000s, due to waning interest from both their fans and longstanding staples of the band, they made an unexpected comeback in 2016 with the release of 'We Can Do Anything', which saw them return to their exciting and tenacious roots. Obviously spurred on by the reception to that record, they are back once again with album number ten 'Hotel Last Resort' and it is clear that they are far from done yet.

Given that most of the band's original members still remain and that they are gliding furiously through their 50s, 'Hotel Last Resort' has this remarkably fresh and contemporary feel to it. No longer interested in riding the coattails of their heyday, Violent Femmes are now keeping themselves above board with a strong and vibrant collection of punk-infused serenades that still manage to pack the same punch we have always known them for. With frontman Gordon Gano's recognisable voice sounding just as focused as ever, this new release sees them continue their proficient comeback with both ease and aplomb.

While their rough-around-the-edges aesthetic still remains very much a part of their sound, the general feel of 'Hotel Last Resort' is one of rebirth that sees the band rediscover who they once were and deliver it through a lens of competent euphoria. It may be more than 35 years since they first emerged, but Violent Femmes prove that the fire is still very much alive in them.

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