Vogue Villains - 'Built On Bones'


Over these last few years, Canadian outfit Vogue Villains have looked to establish themselves as one of the more raucous additions to North America's alt-rock scene. Spending much of the last few years delivering a flurry of impactful anthems as often as possible, they have been quick to create a glorious legacy for themselves, brimming with infectious gems at every turn. And after a busy few years of creativity, they return with their latest studio album 'Built On Bones', a release that sees them in their most energetic guise yet.

One thing that has always stood out about Vogue Villains' sound has been their ability to deliver some truly memorable hooks and riffs, and this is exactly what they bring to 'Built On Bones'. With each and every offering exploring its own distinctive but still engaging direction, the four-piece bring something fresh and exciting across this entire full-length. Brimming with these immersive textures that switch up the pace throughout, their latest collection is a remarkably fun and lively return to form for them.

Ever since their earliest incarnations, Vogue Villains have always been an admirable and revered ensemble, and the offerings on 'Built On Bones' further prove that innovative nature. Spritely, inventive and anthemic from beginning to end, they certainly bring their A-game for this new outing.

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