Waylen Roche - '33'


Throughout these last few years, New York-based artist Waylen Roche has looked to project himself as a far more emotive and alluring name than many in his field. While occupying the conventional piano-led singer identity for much of his tenure, his direction has taken on a far more soulful endeavour in recent years, allowing him to break away from the crowd and explore an identity more akin to himself. And with plenty of praise for his releases to date, he now returns to unveil his eagerly-awaited debut album '33', a record that looks to cement that glorious legacy to date.

Much like what his recent releases have shown us, '33' is a rich and passionate return to form for an artist brimming with vibrant ideas at every turn. Mixing his sombre approach to songwriting with a broader and more euphoric production as often as possible, his newest collection heightens his musical finesse as often as possible, building up to some wildly enjoyable crescendos throughout. Offering up some beautifully intimate lyrics as well, Roche is diving ever deeper into his own aesthetic from start to finish, and coming away with something truly moving and memorable here.

It may have arrived after many years of skirting the peripheries of the general scene, but '33' has certainly been worth the wait and graft he has put into it. Brimming with this creative ambition that sees him try his hand at a multitude of diverse genres and avenues, Waylen Roche is certainly one to keep a firm eye on for the months ahead as well.

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