I've been wanting to write something on how Brexit would affected the UK's music industry for months now.
Later next month, we will once again be flocking to our local record shops to browse and hopefully discover some limi
Unless you have been living under a rock the last few months, you may have noticed that the delightfully friendly Ed
When it comes to discussions about the impact female musicians have had on modern music, many seem to overlook the wo
Despite writing reviews for albums and singles for most of my adult life in some shape or form, it dawned on me the o
A few months ago, I wrote an article that basically blasted the GRAMMYs for their nonsensical approach to their award
On the 1st August 1981, MTV was unveiled to the world.
2017 is already looking like a hotbed of new talent set to make this year their own.
2016 was certainly peppered with some great musical comebacks.
This whole idea came from a passing idea I had near the beginning of 2016.
To say that 2016 was culturally one of the most devastating years in modern history would be an understatement.
About to enter its 59th year, the Grammys have become an American institution, aimed at awarding those who have produ
Earlier this month, Kanye West took to the stage and just like any other gig of his, it featured a long and winding r
Earlier this year, the clubbing community was left devastated when it was announced that London's Fabric nightclub wa