Beauty Sleep are a dream pop band from Belfast, N. Ireland. Cheylene Murphy and Ryan McGroarty met Aimee Williamson at a house party and bonded over spelling out naughty words on a fridge magnet crossword. The 3 piece soon decided to make music together with dreamy synths, chorusy guitars and fuzzy bass lines leading to hours of noise in Ryan and Cheylene's home studio. Their self-produced debut single ‘The Dark’ is due for release on February 19th.

The project is a new adventure from Cheylene and Ryan of the band Wonder Villains. Ryan also works as a music producer and Aimee and Cheylene became close friends as a couple of the original members of Go Girl; the creative women’s collective in Belfast.

Beauty Sleep sought to collaborate with their artist friends and Maisie Cousins, Megan Dallat, Ciara McMullan and Megan Doherty all contributed their art and talents for the launch of the band.