Armed with her megaphone, Bonnie knows how to make herself heard in English, Chinese Mandarin or French. When performing live with her Beatmaker Elia M, she gets transformed into a hostess that sieges the masses with hypnotic Dark Trip-hop/ Electronic music. The duo plays of bewitching pianos, hard bass lines, weighted beats, vocal loops and hypnotic sound synthesis taking their Passengers, the public, into a unique and electrifying journey.

Being a music melting-pot, Bonnie Li is an all-round duo. Bonnie got her inspiration throughout the world, from Hong Kong where she grew up to San Francisco, passing by Montreal, Berlin and Paris. The fact that she grew up in China left a strong mark on her vision of the status of women in our contemporary societies, therefore this topic is evidently developed throughout Bonnie Li's EPs.

As for Elia M, across more than a decade of International touring, founder of the Techno Label Sycomor in the mid-90s, he was able to develop his own unique technique of electronic live.

They met at a concert in Paris in 2013, and since then, they're inseparable.

Rocked by high-beat samples and entranced vocal loops their music is based on Dark-TripHop / Abstract Electro.

The duo recently relocated to Berlin, a city which fits them like a glove, and has just signed on the Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art.