What do you get when you fuse an eclectic blend of pop, techno and sci-fi influences with a lot of “walking late at night in the center of Stockholm”? A foreverandever<3 EP, apparently.

With praise from the likes of Musikguiden I P3, Ja Ja Ja Music, Nordik By Nature and Popmani, Stockholm based producer and songwriter Joakin Buddee is back and ready to take us to a new level of thoughtful electronica, a “sweet synth-world”, with the arrival of his debut foreverandever<3 EP ‘Late Walk/Spacewalk’.

‘Feel Smthn’ is a collaboration with Buddee’s fellow musician friend Sameblod and is out now. Not one for false pretenses or empty promises, ‘Feel Smthn’ makes you do… exactly that. Like a love letter to the soft side of club music, the long anticipating intro before the beat kicks in, it makes us wait… And although the beat never actually kicks in, the track is full of action nonetheless among all the soaring synths being tickled rather than trampled with… Oh and let’s not forget the vocal line, simple but good, really good…

Like the single, the EP lives up to expectations. A soundtrack of thoughtful electronica, foreverandever<3 wants the collection of songs to serve as a form of escapism for “People who love electronic sounds and club music, but are a little bit too introvert to go to a rave. They dance at home in their heads”. The EP is formed of five songs, each of which offering an opportunity for a new move in the bedroom mirror.

EP ‘Late walk/Spacewalk’ is released through Sommarhjärta now.