Hayden Calnin

Hayden Calnin is Australia’s answer to Bon Iver. The indie folk artist’s striking falsetto is reminiscent of that of Ben Howard’s but unlike the latter; Calnin uses a lower, huskier
range frequently, displaying his vast vocal range. He knows exactly how to combine the atmospheric ambience with a touch of honest folk and carried out by a hypnotic electronic beat.

Having already had a few tracks of his synced to American TV Shows such as the latest season of Suits, the word is starting to spread about Hayden outside of Australia. It seems he is now finally ready to release his much anticipated forthcoming Oh, Hunter - EP.

The astonishing six-track EP boasts a flawless track-to-track resume.

Comatose is the first track off Oh, Hunter is both melodically and as Calnin is without a backing band, it still manages to captivate emotions. A soft piano introduces the song, along with haunting chords and a twinkling organ beat, which all fits in perfectly with the jarring melody. Calnin’s contrasting vocal style blends in beautifully with a choir of various harmonies and constant piano and guitar loops, creating for a gorgeous sound that can’t be topped.

The new EP has a dark, cold feel to it yet it still manages to embrace you fully. The final bonus track Shutters sees Calnin strip bare and show his true emotion in a reworked acoustic track. Oh, Hunter - EP will not have you falling asleep.

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